Wingate Adoption Volunteers Needed

We are excited to announce that Wingate University is back in session!  Because of this we are anticipating lots of new students to be attending Lakeview.  This means we need more families willing to adopt a Wingate student.  The requirements are simple!  Some suggestions are as follows:

  • Look for and speak to them on Sunday
  • Follow-up with email or text if you see they have missed church for several Sundays
  • Most of them love getting mail, so drop them a note occasionally (or a text)
  • Provide a meal once a month at your home or a restaurant
  • Remember them on special occasions such as birthdays

Attend and support their Wingate performances such as chorus, art shows, ballgames, etc.

At the Street Fair this year, the new President of Wingate thanked Pastor Steve for what Lakeview does for Wingate.  You deserve thanks as well as your participation has had so much influence on these young adults!  Thank you for your investment in the life of your adopted student.  If you are interested please contact Michelle Cuthbertson at 704-218-0566 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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