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Update from Capital Funds Campaign Committee

 Our committee would again like to thank you for your commitment to the 2nd Mile Giving Campaign.  Our campaign is off to a great start.  Even though pledge commitments giving began on March 1, it is not too late to participate in this campaign.  If you are new to the church, or didn’t receive a campaign packet, you can still be a part of this commitment by seeing one of our committee members listed below. 

 Our committee will be announcing more information in early fall about upcoming ways you can participate in helping to meet the goals of this campaign. 

 Again, thank you for your participation, and we look forward as we all strive to “Know Christ and Make Him Known” through the ministry of the new Family Life Center here at Lakeview.

                    Brent Elwood, Jane Link, Burt Loftis, Teresa Price, Chad Simpson


As of 12/10/2017...


                                                                                                  Target                             Current

                      Bank Balance                      $500,000                      $332,406 

                  Pledge Amount                  $250,000                      $340,800



Capital Funds Campaign

 If you have any questions or need more information, please call any of the Capital Funds Campaign Committee Members listed below:

Brent Elwood

Jane Link

Teresa Price

Burt Loftis

Chad Simpson



Children’s Wing Safety

In an effort to keep our children safe, we ask that you Please do not prop the door closest to the children’s wing open as we dismiss from Sunday morning and Wednesday night activities. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.


Family Ministry Opportunities

 Check out for resources for family ministry and family worship. This website also contains important announcements and information about upcoming events and activities.



Family Connect Messaging

 For Weekly Family Worship prompts:

Text this message: @lvbcweekly

To this number:   704 307 4783

 For Daily Family Worship Prompts:

Text this message: @lvbcdaily

To this number: 704 307 4783



Community Bulletin Board

 The community bulletin board is located in the tiled lobby area. These are usually events that are not directly connected to our church but that impact our community and due to space we cannot print them all in the bulletin. Please check it periodically for events and opportunities that are happening around our area. We post announcements that we receive here so you can receive this information and contact numbers/info for each event or opportunity.


Equipment throughout Building & Church Property

 Per Building and Grounds committee….. All of the equipment throughout the church such as, but not limited to, wheelchairs, rolling carts and such are there for a specific reason. Please do not use these devices for other than what they are intended for or without the supervision of an adult. Doing so can result in injuries to the person or damage to church property. We appreciate every persons co-operation in this matter.


 Church Website Note:

As a general reminder, if you'd like listen to a repeat of recent Lakeview sermons, you can easily listen to it through our church website.

We've saved the sermons in our Audio Sermon Files option under the Media tab of the church Home page.

    - This will present a list of available sermons to choose from

    - Select and click on the word Listen in the Audio: Listen text on the info bar under the name of the sermon you'd like to listen to.

    - Finally, when the page refreshes, it should display a progress bar.  To start playing the sermon, click on the arrow head symbol at the extreme left side of the progress bar

    - Adjust the volume as needed


 Lakeview Family Life Center FAQ

August 08, 2016


1. Why did we choose to build two buildings instead of one?
The cost is less to do them separately. It also allows for varying usage. In addition, it allows for ease of scheduling

2 separate events at the same time. Lastly, it will look better as two buildings and not tied to the back of our existing facility.

2. What is the cost to build?
The estimate at this time is $1,700,000.

3. How many bids did we get?
We asked five companies to bid on the building construction and only received two bids.

4. Why did we choose this location?
Many meetings were held before a location was chosen. The location was chosen for its flat surface. This saves significant cost and saves our existing parking spaces. In addition, it will allow for multiple events to be held at the church at the same time. It will also protect the current aesthetics of the campus without blocking the view of the sanctuary. Lastly, it will also allow for future development to our existing building.

5. What safety measures will be put in place for members crossing the road?
We are working with DOT to put every safety measure available in place. Examples are: a fence with gates down the entire property line, flashing lights, additional lighting and possible signs (caution children at play). Most events will be self-contained on that property. If there is an event that has to cross the road there will be a designated crossing guard.

6. What will be the building's purpose?
Various usages including gym, volleyball, basketball, walking track, concerts, large youth events and well as other church wide events. It will have the capacity to seat approximately 500 compared to 80 currently. There will be 3 offices and a 30 x 70 multi-purpose room. It will expand our capacity for disaster relief, including showers. The kitchen and bathrooms will be used for outdoor events such as, but not limited to upward soccer.

7. What is the size of the kitchen?
Approximately double the size of our existing kitchen with 2 ovens, 2 sinks, etc.

8. How will it be staffed?
At the proper time staff will be added to fill the need of overseeing the building and activities as well as the role of outreach/evangelism director.

9. How long will it take to build?
Six months of design and permitting then nine months to build.

10. When will we start phase II (Fellowship hall/offices/classrooms/kitchen)?
We are not voting on Phase II at this time. Phase II will not be considered until it is brought before the church and voted on.

11. What is the current status of pledged dollars?
Currently, we have $50,000 designated for the building as well as $200,000 in excess operating cash for a total currently of $250,000. The Deacons and Stewardship Committee voted to not start the building until we have an additional $250,000 in hand or pledged for a total of $500,000.

12. Will the current fellowship hall remain as it is?
Yes. There are no changes to the current fellowship hall at this time.

13. Will the trees on the property be retained?
Most of the trees will remain. Attention will be made to retaining all the trees possible.


LBC Family Life Center


LBC Family Life Center Elevation


Front View





Side View