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Room and Resource Reservation Policy Room and Resource Reservation Policy

Date added: 02/02/2017
Date modified: 02/02/2017
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Process for Room and Resource Reservation

  1. Information for the event request is received by digital/paper copy. Phone requests for calendar availability can be checked, but not submitted until formal request by digital/paper copy.
  2. During staff meetings on Wednesday mornings, event requests will be reviewed and staff and pastors will make decision on the request and availability on the calendar. If there is not a staff meeting that week, the pastors will confer within the week to decide about the event
  3. A staff member will then notify the person making the event request of approval or if any problems, within a week, if not before.


Link to Room and Resource Reservation Form

Lobby Table Policy Lobby Table Policy

Date added: 02/01/2017
Date modified: 02/02/2017
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Lobby Table Policy

To reserve a table please fill out a reservation form. Digital and hard copy forms are available. A member of the staff will notify you if your request has been approved within a week.

  • Only to be used for approved ministries of the church.
  • Only a total of two tables with black covers will be available to reserve at a time.
  • Each table may be reserved for a maximum of 3 weeks.
  • Tables will only be placed on left or right side in the back of the foyer next to the Education Wing doors.
  • Tables will not be moved, set up, or removed from the lobby unless otherwise approved by Pastors and Staff.


Click here for form


Digital Ministry Promotion Policy Digital Ministry Promotion Policy

Date added: 03/03/2017
Date modified: 03/03/2017
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Digital Ministry Promotion Policy
The TVs will only to be used for approved ministries of the church.

The TVs will not be used for wedding, baby, graduation announcements, etc.

Graphics will be in 16X9 jpeg format.
• Email to by Wednesday of the same week for the announcement to be added that Sunday.
The person making the request will be responsible for providing the graphic and any editing, if needed, to correct the graphic.
• There is a resource available to create the graphic for a cost to the ministry requesting the graphic.
• TV’s will be maintained by a staff member.
• Graphics will run for a maximum of four weeks.
• Forms are also available in the forms bin in the workroom. Fill out the form and place the form along with the CD, jump drive, or other device containing the file in Shannon Deaton’s box. Please make sure your name is on the item to return.
• The TV in the Children’s Wing is for use of the children and student ministry only. The Student Pastor and Children’s Director are responsible for the content of that digital promotion.


Link to Digital Promotion Form